🌈💥 BlockChain Disruption & Cash 2.0 💥 by Crypto Wealth Studio

🙏👉 2 Hours of “Info Packed” talk by Mano Subramaniam

💥 Topics to be discussed;
1. How Bitcoin & Blockchain is changing the world “Finance & Wealth”
2. How “Internet Money” being printed from a “Mathematic & Software”
3. How a single Bitcoin might worth USD 1,000,000 by next 10 years.
4. What is the “Golden Mantra” of Crypto Trading / Investing
5. What would be the next “Bitcoin” that can make you rich
6. How to make money by timing the market
7. What is the future of Crypto Economy
8. How you can join my “Private Crypto Wealth Group”
9. And a lot more exclusive infos that you can’t get anywhere else… if you’re looking for someone that knows what he’s talking, then join me!
10. Important Note: This talk is purely for educational purpose and no obligation to join my “Private Training” group.

🤝 Free Sharing by Mr. Mano Subramaniam
|👉 B.Dev.Sc, UKM / Founder of CashProtocols.Com Youtube.Com/ Crypto Wealth Studio
👉 Tuesday @ 7.45pm till 9.00pm
👉 Date: 24/07/2018
👉 Venue: Artha Nyana Hall,(Room 2), No. 38-1, 1st floor, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3, BRICKFIELDS, KL (Near to Petronas above Kilinik Gigi Famili).
👉Details: 012-302 5643, 012-271 7776, 012-289 1193
Join free talk by Mr.Mano Subramaniam, one of the leading Crypto Currency professional in Malaysia for an eye opening info packed session.
This talk proudly organised by Artha Nyana.