🌈💥 BlockChain Disruption & Cash 2.0 💥 by Crypto Wealth Studio

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📚 What you will learn;
💥# How Bitcoin & Blockchain is changing the world “Finance & Wealth”
💥# How “Internet Money @ Crypto” will create MEGA RICH ELITES
💥# How a single Bitcoin might worth USD 1,000,000 in next 10 years.
💥# What is the “Golden Mantra” of Crypto Trading / Investing
💥# What could be the next “Bitcoin” that might make you rich
💥# How to make money by timing the market
💥# What is the future of Crypto Economy
💥# Known “Crypto Scams” and how to safeguard your self
💥# Why this is your best available opportunity to make a fortune…

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🙏👍 Important Note: This talk is purely for educational purpose

🤝 Free Sharing by Mr. Mano Subramaniam
|👉 B.Dev.Sc, UKM / Founder of CashProtocols.Com Youtube.Com/ Crypto Wealth Studio
👉 Tuesday @ 7.45pm till 9.00pm
👉 Date: 07/08/2018*
👉 Venue: Artha Nyana Hall,(Room 2), No. 38-1, 1st floor, Jalan Tun Sambanthan 3, BRICKFIELDS, KL (Near to Petronas above Kilinik Gigi Famili).
👉Details: 012-302 5643, 012-271 7776, 012-289 1193